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What should be paid attention to when maintaining LCD advertising digital signage

In today’s business environment where intelligent interactive display has become a trend, commercial display equipment that is widely used in many fields has become an indispensable part of various scenarios. Many businesses use LCD advertising digital signage to replace traditional advertising. equipment. Therefore, in order for the LCD advertising machine to be put into use for a long time, it is essential to pay attention to the following points!
1. Avoid direct sunlight (except outdoor advertising machines): The operating environment of the LCD advertising machine will directly affect the use effect and life of the advertising machine. The suitable environment temperature for the advertising machine is 0℃~50℃, because the general commercial display equipment does not Equipped with outdoor craftsmanship and technology like outdoor advertising machine, if direct sunlight for a long time, on the one hand, it will affect the visual effect of advertising machine, on the other hand, it will damage the electronic components of the screen due to high temperature.
2. Avoid excessively humid environment: The humidity of the environment where the LCD advertising machine is located should be appropriate. Long-term placement in a humid environment can easily cause rusting of electronic components and cause circuit problems.
3. Use automatic switch machines to avoid frequent manual switch machines: Although LCD advertising machines are designed with automatic switch machine functions, many users still use manual buttons to switch machines. The switch buttons have a certain service life, but how many switches are switched every day Second, in the long term, problems such as loose buttons may also occur.

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4. Shut down and power off when wiping the body: For safety's sake, whether you wipe the body with a dry towel or a wet towel, you should power off first.
5. Do not wipe with wet rags: Do not use wet rags when cleaning. Wet objects not only have poor cleaning effect, but also may cause the circuit to damp. The damp cloth will easily cause water to stay on the screen, and then enter the screen through the edge, causing The system is short-circuited, making the LCD advertising player unable to work normally.
6. Wipe the shell with clean water as much as possible: When wiping the shell, it is recommended to wipe with clean water. If you accidentally stick to the difficult-to-wipe stains, you need to clean it again with clean water after wiping with a detergent to avoid some components Cause corrosion and discoloration of the fuselage.
7. Wipe the screen with a soft towel: When wiping the screen, do not use too much force, do not use rough, dry towels. It is recommended to use soft wipes such as glasses cloth and lens paper to wipe the LCD screen to prevent scratching the screen and affecting the vision Beautiful.
8. Properly shut down and rest: Regardless of electronic products, long-term overload operation will be a loss to the product itself, especially large-volume devices such as LCD advertising players. It is recommended that users set the power on and off time according to their own usage scenarios. For example, shopping malls can set automatic power on and off according to daily business hours.
9. Clean up diligently to avoid dust accumulation: electronic equipment often has static electricity, and LCD advertising players are no exception. Static electricity will cause dust in the air to adhere to the advertising machine, so it is necessary to do proper cleaning.
10. Avoid frequent moving and collision: The product is composed of multiple electronic components. If you need to move it frequently, you can install universal wheels to avoid rough moving as much as possible to avoid loosening or collision of components.

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