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  • Eye-Catching Window Displays are the Name of the Game

    Decades ago, almost every block had its own dessert shop. Sweet shop owners across the country are able to make a living without having to think too much about marketing and attracting customers. But with the arrival of large retail chains and discount stores, the sole retailer must gain a foothold to maintain a reasonable level of business and profitability. An accessible and inexpensive advertis..

  • MWE842- Multifunctional touch screen table

    Marvel most hot sale touch screen table-MWE842, It with original full new A+brand lcd panel, size from 43 inch to 86 inch, multiple size can be choose, 2K or 4K UHD large screen to enjoy luxury. Round..

  • Selecting The Proper Brightness For Outdoor TVs & Digital Signage Displays

    Do you want to see yourself in the TV? Easy, just pick the TV to outdoor, it can be the part to show. Fact 1- All LCD screens are reflected from plastic or glass. Fact 2- TELEVISION is usually designed to be watched in a dark room.

  • Retail shop window lcd display of multi function and advantage

    Our Retail shop window lcd display,it can be single side or double side.Face to indoor 500nits,outdoor is 2500nits,different brightness,the brightness can from 2500nits to 5000nits.

  • New Function-Hand sanitizer&temperature sensor kiosk with Thermal Imaging

    New function! This is our hand sanitizer&temperature sensor kiosk with Thermal Imaging, compared with the standard version(only support to measure the temperature one by one), Our new function support multipe people(4 people at most) to measure the temperature at the same time.

  • Marvel 21.5 inch Face recognition & body temp detection & sanitizer kiosk

    Marvel 21.5 inch stand alone digital signage with face recognition & body temperature detection module integrated,also with Automatic Hands sanitizer dispenser build in,capacity of 1000ml is our stand..

  • LCD Video Wall Introduction

    LCD video wall is an exceptional multi-screen setup that comprises of various PC screens, video projectors, or TVs tiled together adjacently or covered keeping in mind the end goal to frame one extens..

  • Some characteristics of outdoor digital signage displays

    The outdoor digital signage displays are designed for use in harsh environments, typically outdoors, allowing customers to display engaging advertising content in areas impossible with a standard LCD monitor. Available in freestanding and wall mount designs, the systems are built to the highest specification and some of the features are listed below:

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