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  • Why Marvel Outdoor stand lcd digital signage display Stand out

    With smart city project developing, more and more outdoor digital signage screen are required to play advertising, save print paper and poster. Marvel have focus on outdoor totem with over 10 years ex

  • Wall Mount LCD Display

    Wall Mounted Display application places: such as shopping malls, restaurants, airports, high-speed rail stations, commercial buildings, etc. The feature of wall mounted is that it can not only be

  • Digital Signage-Difference Between LCD Vs LED Display

    While a standard LCD screen uses fluorescent backlights, an LED screen uses light-emitting diodes for backlights. LCD screens usually have superior picture quality, but they less brightness than the L

  • How to find out a premium supplier of 360 photo booth

    As we all know, recently 360 photo booth is more and more popular no matter in USA or in Europe. But how can you be sure that you can find out a good supplier and to be cooperated in the long term ? T

  • LCD digital signage with different functions

    More and more popular for the LCD digital signage, More and more people choose using the LCD digital signage to play their advertising , whatever at outside or inside. Like street , bus stat

  • Outdoor advertising digital display screens applications

    Nowadays, the market is flooded with outdoor advertising digital display screens applications. Therefore, the need for sustainability and readability of LCD panels placed in direct sunlight has b

  • The wide usage of interactive all in one kiosk

    With the coming of information age, the city become more and more modern, people’s life become more and more convenient. The demand of digital signage kiosk is bigger and bigger. In the public a

  • 360 photo booth

    360 photo booth is made up by base and arms. The base is using metal material to make ,And the arm is made by metal raw materials. 360 photo booth consists of two parts, one is the base and the other

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