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  • Marvel Technology Shelf Stretched Bar LCD for Retail Applications

    Compared with traditional static labels, LCD stretched screens has a qualitative improvement in the richness and form of information bearing, can maximize the use of existing space for dynamic display

  • What types of Multimedia kiosk are used in our life generally

    you only need a wave of your hand, and the all-in-one multimedia kiosk will jump to the next piece of clothing. This type of kiosk is generally floor standing style, and its size is about 55-65 inches..

  • Advantages for outdoor LCD Digital Signage

    In order to maintain the continuity of information dissemination, outdoor advertising machines must operate continuously for 24 hours, and the maintenance of visibility is very important. Different from the stable and controllable indoor brightness, due to the influence of weather factors, the brightness of the outdoor environment will always be in a state of change, especially in the "confrontati..

  • What is smart trash can?

    Sometimes the least glamorous items can be the most necessary, especially around the house. Take, for example, an outdoor trash can. There is Intelligent Compressed Garbage Can more necessary for thos

  • The importance of Digital Outdoor Signs

    Marketing is all about your return on investment. You want to spend as little as possible on advertisements to earn as much as possible in sales.   That’s why you should take a serious look

  • How to set up your digital outdoor signage

    Here’s a simple five-step plan you can use to add digital outdoor signage to your marketing plan.  Choose where your displays will goFirst thing’s first. You need to decide where you&

  • The future trends of taxi top advertising

    What are the advantages of taxi top LCD advertising display and traditional advertising light box? Marvel Technology will explain to you in detail:Advertising content The content o

  • Stand Alone Digital Signage

    They are many digital signage company out there With the development of technology , Digital signage has taken place traditional static advertisement in many filed,As you can see in the street ,Here I

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