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  • Talking about the waterproof standard of outdoor electronic advertising screen

    Presumably people living in big cities are no longer unfamiliar with outdoor electronic advertising screens. Its coverage has included bus stops, scenic spots, streets, parks, communities, schools and other places, and has become a smart city. Landscape.

  • Outdoor lcd LCD screen

    What is the future development prospect of Outdoor LCD screen?

    Due to the rapid development of Internet media technology, traditional information dissemination channels such as paper media, radio and television, and other publicity channels obviously cannot meet

  • outdoor touch screen advertising machines

    Maintenance tips for outdoor touch screen advertising machines

    With the rapid development of science and technology in today's society, outdoor touch screen advertising machines are widely used in parks, stations, airports, schools and other places, bringing great convenience to people's lives. In the outdoor environment, we must pay attention to the maintenance measures for the outdoor touch screen, which can greatly improve its service life.

  • Outdoor advertising machines

    What aspects should be paid attention to in outdoor advertising digital signages?

    What aspects should be paid attention to in outdoor advertising digital signages?Outdoor advertising machines can not only play a good information dissemination effect in the outdoors, provide the freshest consultation and real-time hot news for the people passing by, but also be unrestricted in bad weather, and various fashionable shapes can attract many attention. So, what aspects should buyers ..

  •  digital signage applications

    Why digital signage is better than traditional advertising?

    The current interactive applications of digital signage are numerous, such as the video interactive wall built in the museum, which allows people to have close contact and communication with the exhibits

  • 4 Ways digital signage enhances the customer experience

    Digital signage allows you to communicate with your customers through a medium they are not only familiar with but expect. Here are four ways digital signage can help you enhance the customer experience.

  • McDonald's goes digital in Denmark drive-thru menus

    In a deal estimated to be worth nearly DKK 30 million ($3.9 million), McDonald's will use digital signage to upgrade drive-thru menus at more than 80 locations in Denmark, according to a press rel

  • Digital Signage

    What is Digital Signage and How It Helps to Communicate

    digital signage displays digital content in a readable format, such as LED displays, projectors, or LCD displays that display videos, instructions, menus, promotional information, and digital images. This electronic signage involves more than just hardware. Choosing a display that can handle the tasks, media types, and other technical requirements of modern digital signage is critical.

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