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Talking about the waterproof standard of outdoor advertising displays

Presumably people living in big cities are no longer unfamiliar with outdoor advertising machines. Its coverage includes bus stops, scenic spots, streets, parks, communities, schools, etc., and has become a landscape of intelligent cities. .
Today I will talk about one of the standards of outdoor advertising displays, "waterproof". Soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers, so outdoor advertising machines that are not waterproof are not good advertising machines.

Outdoor digital signage

If the advertising machine is to be used outdoors, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing to face. The protection level of the display equipment casing must be waterproof. The general waterproof level reaches IP65 and can operate normally in heavy rain; dust reduces the efficiency of the product and accelerates An important factor for product aging, outdoor display equipment must have a specially designed dust-proof structure and dust-proof filter products, and the dust-proof grade can reach IP65.
In normal light rain, many outdoor advertising players can be waterproof, but in heavy rain, ice and snow, and humid weather, the ones that can hold it are the best ones in a hundred. Marwell outdoor advertising machine adopts excellent equipment casing material, and can deal with various extreme rainstorms and snowstorms. It is a high-quality choice for new and old users.

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