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    Smart small business owners look for new ways to grab consumers' attention. You can only send so much information to existing customers before turning your attention to attracting new ones. Digital signage offers many advantages to brands, including attracting the attention of passers-by and providing information and interactivity. There are various ways to use digital signage depending on the typ..

  • Installing a new video wall at your university can have a huge impact on how people interact

    Installing a new video wall at your university can have a huge impact on how people interact. Due to the large size of the displays, students and visitors tend to gather around the video walls, either to view them or to obtain the information displayed on them. Video walls make it easier for large groups of people to see the same thing. Video walls are not only useful in schools, but hospitals and..

  • Outdoor lcd displays

    Outdoor lcd monitors are currently in use in major cities, and can be seen in many outdoor places.

    Outdoor lcd displays are currently in use in major cities, and can be seen in many outdoor places. While bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment to users, the 24-hour uninterrupted operation can also display real-time news, entertainment information, trending videos and other playback functions for users. The ability to have such a powerful function is due to the outdoor advertising body and t..

  • Is it right or wrong to pursue ultra-thin outdoor electronic advertising screens?

    First of all, why does the outdoor electronic advertising screen need to be so thick? In short, this is determined by the special outdoor environment and the special performance of the whole machine. As we all know, the outdoor unit has several major features: high brightness, heat dissipation, waterproof, and dustproof, which determine the special internal structure of the outdoor unit, and it is..

  • The core points that LCD outdoor screens must have!

    When purchasing a large machine such as an lcd outdoor screen, it is necessary to understand what its real core function is. Only by starting from this aspect can we solve our own needs well. In fact, high-quality outdoor advertising machines only need to have core conditions such as high-definition LCD screens, stable power supplies, outdoor cooling solutions, and structural design.

  • Talking about the waterproof standard of outdoor electronic advertising screen

    Presumably people living in big cities are no longer unfamiliar with outdoor electronic advertising screens. Its coverage has included bus stops, scenic spots, streets, parks, communities, schools and other places, and has become a smart city. Landscape.

  • Outdoor lcd LCD screen

    What is the future development prospect of Outdoor LCD screen?

    Due to the rapid development of Internet media technology, traditional information dissemination channels such as paper media, radio and television, and other publicity channels obviously cannot meet

  • How to make the playback management of outdoor advertising machines convenient and fast

    The popularity of outdoor advertising machines can be said to be a new breakthrough in the advertising media industry, because advertising is no longer only seen on TVs or computers, but also in adver

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