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How to choose the right advertising displays size

Many businesses are now using LCD digital signage as a means of promotion and publicity, and they have been put into use in buildings, shopping malls, banks, exhibitions, stations, office spaces and other places. So, what size advertising player should be used in different places to be more suitable?
1. No matter what kind of advertising machine you choose, the size of the advertising machine should be determined according to the place you are using. Because it is necessary to consider the size of the placement site, choose the appropriate size of the advertising machine according to the size of the area, the cost of placing a large-size advertising machine in a limited space is too high, it is not suitable, and the viewing effect is not ideal.
2. 21.5-inch advertising machine is more suitable for placing advertisements in building elevators, hotel aisles and other places. The 3D screen of the advertisement can also achieve the best effect.
3. In places such as airports, subway stations, science and technology museums, and large-scale exhibitions, it is suitable to install advertising machines with large screens from 43 inches to 65 inches. In a spacious space, the large screen can make the advertising effect more three-dimensional and shocking. Large, it can leave a deep impression on customers and ensure the best publicity effect, thereby driving product sales.
4. When making batch investment of advertising equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the placement site and the cost of the placement equipment, such as the flow of people in the placement place, whether the environment is conducive to the maintenance of the placement equipment, the quality of the advertising source and other factors. Taking this into account, in order to maximize the cost-effectiveness of advertising machine placement.

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