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Technical scheme of outdoor LCD digital signage

The current marketers are facing very challenging problems. Want to figure out what placement is not easy to ignore? What type of advertising will not be bored by consumers? These are all top priorities. As a new offline communication program, outdoor LCD advertising players have experienced the gradual integration of offline and online outlets in the retail industry, and have very good development prospects.
With continuous technical blessing, accurate advertising is achieved. Through face recognition technology, targeted and intelligent recommendations for advertising information based on the gender and age structure of customers have become a new form of intelligent promotion. In different offline retail scenarios, more and more attention is paid to the creation of customer experience. As a device with strong interaction, user-friendliness, and diversified information presentation methods, outdoor LCD advertising machines have been widely promoted and applied in recent years. In different scenarios, to create a flexible user interaction and information broadcast environment.
With the support of AI technology, personalized promotion solutions can be supported on outdoor LCD advertising machines, the mission of intelligently transforming traditional scenes, accurately displaying product brands in a better dimension, and providing users with customized shopping information services, Build a friendly experience space.

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