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The combination of outdoor LCD advertising displays and face recognition

Combining face recognition systems with outdoor LCD advertising displays is already a trend in this era of big data. It has been used in advertising media, shopping mall operations, store management and other public places. How to get higher value in it is a problem that merchants should pay attention to!
Outdoor LCD advertising player application based on face recognition, the big data statistical release background, combined with the application of face recognition technology, through face recognition technology to detect head and shoulders, detect faces, track and recognize faces, extract facial features Value, perform accurate human body judgment, accurately identify the user's face, based on human body tracking, effectively avoid double counting caused by wandering and staying, so as to achieve accurate statistics of the number of passengers entering and leaving the store. In outdoor public places, accurately count the flow of people.
With these accurate data, you can analyze the user's attention data on advertising, user consumption characteristics, help advertisers accurately target effective customer groups, and provide reliable data references for outdoor LCD advertising player vendors, producers and other related companies. , To improve effective display and return rate; targeted to actively push the advertising messages of interest to different groups, quickly, accurately and effectively improve the advertising operations, and municipal application value.

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