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How to deal with the failure of touch function of outdoor advertising displays?

The outdoor advertising displays with touch function can bring users a good interactive experience and provide convenient query services, but due to some special circumstances, it may cause the touch function to fail. If it is not repaired in time, it is also a damage to the user experience. . So what are the ways to deal with this situation?
1. In some applications, due to poor grounding performance, the control box shell is covered with a large amount of static electricity, which affects the working electric field inside the control box and causes the touch to gradually fail. At this time, use the wire to ground the control box shell and restart it;
2. Since the touch screen of the outdoor advertising machine is covered with sound waves when it is working, if it is not wiped for a long time, it will cause excessive accumulation of dust and block the reflection stripes of the wave, which will cause the outdoor advertising machine to not work properly. For touch monitors, use a clean business card or paper money to gently wipe off the dust on the reflection stripes around the front of the monitor through the gap between the front cover and the body, and then restart the computer.
3. Many outdoor advertising machine control boxes use the method of taking power from the power supply of the all-in-one machine instead of taking power from the host, so you should also check whether the power output of the machine is correct. Sometimes the current is too large, causing the fuse to be burned. wire.
The above is the method of dealing with the unresponsive touch of the outdoor advertising machine. In fact, even the outdoor advertising machine with excellent quality needs to be used and regularly maintained according to the operating rules to avoid the occurrence of failures and timely treatment.

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