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What are the precautions when using the outdoor advertising displays?

Outdoor advertising displays are gradually being used in more and more businesses, media, municipal construction, transportation and other places. The role it plays in information transmission and brand promotion is undoubtedly huge. Since outdoor advertising machines are used outdoors, the following safety precautions must be paid attention to during use!
1. Please read the product manual of the outdoor advertising player carefully before installation to confirm whether the local voltage is consistent with the requirements of the manual.
2. The display of Marwell's outdoor advertising player has been tested and meets the IP65 standard level. It can be placed outdoors, even in the rain, but cannot be protected from immersion in liquid.
3. If the outdoor advertising machine is exposed to the sun for a long time, the surface of the LCD display and the shell may be very hot, please do not touch it.
4. Do not install the display close to an open flame source, and never use the display at an open flame source
5. In order to prevent damage to the monitor, the LCD monitor must be firmly installed on the ground or on a fixed bracket according to the installation method in the instruction manual.
6. The surface of the outdoor advertising machine cannot be covered by other objects, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect.
7. Before cleaning and maintaining the internal components of the outdoor advertising machine, disconnect the display power.
8. Do not apply liquid cleaners or spray cleaners directly on the display casing and glass, but use a damp cloth for cleaning.
9. The internal components and wiring of the display cannot be changed or disassembled arbitrarily without the guidance of professional engineers. The outdoor advertising player manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for damage to the display components caused by this.
10. When the display is working, it is forbidden to touch the internal electrical components. The manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for personal injury caused by this.

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