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What is the difference between LCD advertising player and LCD TV?

In this era of rapid development of information technology, more and more companies choose LCD advertising player as carriers to display and transmit advertising information. LCD advertising machine as a multimedia carrier is a popular electronic digital product used to play advertising videos. Perhaps many people think it is similar to LCD TVs, but the two are actually different types of products. The difference!
What is the difference between LCD advertising player and LCD TV?
1. Area display difference:
The average household LCD TV can reach up to 65 inches, and the cost-effectiveness is not very cost-effective. The second LCD advertising signage can be up to 90 inches or more according to different customer requirements;
2. Differences in hardware technology and stability:
Since LCD TVs are basically used in a home environment, in such a relatively comfortable environment, the technology for hardware is not so high, including functions such as heat dissipation and dust resistance, while LCD advertising machines are different, generally noisy Work in a large environment, so the requirements for dustproof, heat dissipation, and operating stability are relatively high, so the hardware requirements are much higher;
3. Special application, adjustability:
LCD TVs have limitations in terms of display area, which are basically the prescribed size and can only play a single designated program source content. Sometimes, under special circumstances, the LCD advertising machine can increase the equipment and expand the display area. That is to say, the splicing technology can splice the display piece by piece to form a large-area display screen. To change the advertising program.
4. Power consumption difference:
Household products such as LCD TVs generally focus on energy saving, so the power consumption is relatively low, and LCD advertising machines are different, requiring higher brightness and better heat dissipation systems in large environments , These need to consume large power consumption.

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