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How to put outdoor advertising signage correctly!

The reason why outdoor advertising digital signage have very strict technical requirements for products is because their use environment is more complicated, not only to withstand high temperature and cold, but also to make the screen display clearly visible under strong sunlight. The most important point is that it is not easy to be damaged, so if you want to successfully put an outdoor advertising machine, the following points are very important!
External protection: When outdoor advertising machines are installed in public places, they need to face the possibility of being destroyed. Therefore, the design of outdoor advertising machine needs to use ribs, more solder joints and compression locks. Therefore, the facilities, data and network components of the outdoor advertising machine are protected from being destroyed or tampered with.
Protection in adverse environments: Outdoor LCD advertising opportunities that cannot withstand the pressure of environmental factors lead to loss of equipment investment and revenue, so outdoor advertising machines should have good sealing to prevent the intrusion of water vapor, smoke, and dust.
For outdoor advertising machines exposed to high temperatures, it is also necessary to install an air conditioner inside to prevent damage to the display, computer, and other components caused by overheating. And the outdoor lighting is strong, and the readability of the ordinary display screen is not good, so it needs to be equipped with a bright enough display screen. It is recommended to be at least 2000 nits or above to ensure readability in sunlight.
The firmness of the support
In an outdoor environment, outdoor advertising machines need to face many factors that may bring internal or external factors, such as violent use and bad weather. In response to this problem, it is possible to provide high-strength installation firmware to prevent internal components from being shaken, knocked, and shaken.
Industry Standard 
The installation of outdoor kiosks must comply with the corresponding industry standards, such as the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the local certification standards of various countries. Manufacturers need to strictly comply with ISO 9001:2008 quality control standards. When purchasing equipment, you also need to find out from the purchaser whether it meets local standards. In this way, the outdoor advertising machine can be properly operated to create value.

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