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The specific difference between stand lcd digital signage and wall mount lcd displays

Advertisers come in many shapes and styles. In addition to configuration and size, they are generally divided into two types: stand and wall-mounted. Suitable for different industries and venues, the effect displayed is also different.
In fact, whether it is vertical or wall-mounted, the price is based on performance configuration, size as a reference standard. The shape and style are determined according to the needs of your place.
The stand lcd displays is placed in a random position, with an elegant and elegant appearance, which is very eye-catching. The product is suitable for industries such as banking, finance, hotels, and chain stores. It displays business information in an image and interprets brand culture.
The wall-mounted digital signage saves space, can be hung on the wall or other objects, and becomes a unique landscape line in the space decoration, which can more easily capture the eyes of customers and achieve the purpose of publicity. Wall-mounted advertising machines are mainly used in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-end office buildings, elevators, etc., which can enhance the brand image of merchants in an all-round way, quickly publish promotional information, new product news, and deliver the most concerned business information to users at the first time.
The above is the explanation about the difference between the vertical advertising machine and the wall-mounted advertising machine. In short, the style of the advertising machine should be selected according to our own needs.

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