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What are the powerful functions of the floor stand lcd digital signage?

The floor stand lcd digital signage is powerful and can load a lot of software to meet various needs of consumers. The most common functions are to release the latest timetable, timely update of traffic information, etc. The hospital queuing service and so on, there are the following specific points:
1. The network version of the vertical advertising machine supports time synchronization between the playback terminal and the server;
2. Through the SMS platform, control the playback terminal and issue rolling caption information;
3. Through the live broadcast server, media materials can be played simultaneously to some or all of the playback boxes;
4. Network update programs (videos, pictures, text), download to the local storage of the play box;
5. The online version of the vertical advertising machine can use the remote control or copy and delete the files stored in the box through the network;
6. Support the display terminal to display according to the template, and independently play video programs, picture programs and text materials at the same time;

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