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What is the difference between LCD digital signage and LED display screen?

1. What is an LCD digital signage?
The LCD advertising machine is what we usually call the LCD advertising machine. The liquid crystal structure is placed between two parallel glass liquid crystals. There are many vertical and horizontal thin lines between the two glasses. Through the power control rod, the crystal molecules change direction. Optical The picture produced by line refraction. It is especially suitable for the comprehensive multimedia technology of high-end brands, delivering a full range of product information and promotional information to consumers.
2. what is an LED display screen?
LED advertising machine is a practical new type of consumer dynamic advertising information release media. The light inside the sphere is from the angle of the high-brightness LED (Light Emitting Diode) array. Built-in microcomputer chip processing, edited by a personal computer and stored in the memory of pictures and text information, the LEDs of specific points continuously lit and extinguished according to a very precise time, and the high-speed rotation of the brushless DC motor brush drive, lasting Sexual visual phenomenon.
3. LED advertising and LCD advertising digital signage
The difference between the LED advertising machine and the LCD advertising machine is mainly between the display. The LED brightness is relatively strong. It is very clear from a distance. It is suitable for outdoor; the LCD advertising machine display is not high in brightness, and it is very clear when viewed close. It is suitable for indoors. LCD is better than LED. The display effect is good. More importantly, LEDs are thinner than liquid crystals, more convenient, and achieve various extreme structural appearance requirements.

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