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Outdoor digital signage
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Smart small business owners look for new ways to grab consumers' attention. You can only send so much information to existing customers before turning your attention to attracting new ones. Digital signage offers many advantages to brands, including attracting the attention of passers-by and providing information and interactivity. There are various ways to use digital signage depending on the type of company, but some are more effective than others.
There are approximately 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, so you're not only competing with your closest competitors, but also for the attention of your target audience. Just because your model might be unique, doesn't mean people will choose to spend their hard-earned money here. You have to grab the audience's attention and keep it. Your first obstacle is the other stores around you. But you also need something that people will remember when they go home and sit at their computer, because global retail is at their fingertips.
If you run a brick and mortar storefront, then digital signage is a must. However, buying equipment and knowing how to use it best are two different things. We have six tips to help you get started and drive traffic to your store.
Pay attention to the size of the objects near where you’d like to place your sign. If you are overpowered by huge billboards or larger storefronts, then you’ll either need a larger sign or something that really grabs attention, such as scrolling text, flashing images or something else that grabs attention.
The best way to figure out the scale you need is to take a step back from your storefront. What does your store look like from a distance? Stand at the store next door. Does your signage grab attention? You should also pay attention to the colors. If everyone is using white and blue, throw in some red or orange to draw the eye.
Although it may cost a little more, think about ways to make the sign more interactive as people approach it. For example, you might use a motion-activated sign that starts a video when people are nearby. Perhaps you can tie the sign into an app your customers have on their phones that greets them by name as they approach. With rapid advances in artificial intelligence, the capabilities of digital signs are growing and allow for some personalization.
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home invested in digital signage to encourage adoption of available pets. Using RFID technology, they created a campaign where a dog follows people as they pass by. They hand out cards to passers-by, which also have RFID inside. Then the screen activates, the dog follows them, and the tagline #LookingForYou. There's a lot of active interest and discussion about these signs.
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3. Show social media
If your brand is active on social media, showing what people are talking about online can be a great way to attract new customers, especially younger ones. For example, clicking on a comment on your Facebook account. You can also simply create a loop that highlights your favorite social media recommendations.
4. Highlight products
Digital Signage Menu Board Pizza Delivery 3
Digital boards that highlight specific products are especially useful in restaurants. You may have noticed that McDonald's restaurants use artificial intelligence menu boards. Stores set up boards to showcase specific products at different times of the day. The image may shift, showing one item and then rotate to another. Prices and other information are available at a glance, making it easy for people to find what they want to order. These boards are designed to break down different categories such as beverages, desserts, and sandwiches.
McDonald's uses menu boards to display many of their menu options. These boards can be programmed to display breakfast or lunch items. It also highlights large images of currently featured items or discounted offers.
5. Promote sales
Whether you've ordered too much inventory or need to clear out seasonal items, displays can inform customers about what's currently on sale and drive traffic to your store. Since you can easily change your logo with just a few clicks of your computer mouse, you can also change your quote every few days.
Shoppers who visited last week and picked up a new shirt at a great price might want a pair of pants to match their new find. You can also list deals such as buy one get one free, half price or discounted sales.
6. Create experiences
Digital signage can also be used to create experiential displays. Turn your storefront into a beach and showcase the waves on your digital screens. Invite people to enjoy the warm tropical breeze and the sound of the sea as they browse your store and take a break from the cold winter weather. You can create almost any environment imaginable with digital signage, allowing you to host themed events and attract visitors to your storefront.
Digital signage adds another depth to your store it otherwise wouldn’t have. Engage people as they pass by, tell your story, and come up with creative ways to drive foot traffic and positive buzz. With a little ingenuity, you’ll soon have a loyal following. Some people might stop in front of your store just to see what new signs you’ve come up with. Combined with window displays and smart interior layouts, you can increase your sales simply by using signage effectively.

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