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The functions and features of the non-network version of the outdoor display screen!

The functions and features of the non-network version of the outdoor display screen!
In view of its own component materials and product technical difficulties, the quotation of outdoor display products is usually relatively expensive. If the customer does not have high requirements for the content and operability of the advertising machine, the stand-alone version of the outdoor advertising machine can be selected, which is cost-effective and easy to operate. !
1. With anti-theft lock function, it can avoid the theft of U disk and playback content; at the same time, the program content can be set to password protection;
2. Support playlist function, you can set different folders, copy all the target text labels to these different folders, the system will play the contents of the specified folders one by one within the set time;
3. It can play various pictures, and the pictures can be accompanied by various background music; the interval time of picture playback can be set to 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds and 10 seconds, etc.;
4. You can set streaming subtitles, which can be streamed in advertising programs;
5. You can set the DIY boot screen, the timer switch function, and the station logo can be set independently;
The above is about the functions of the non-network version of the outdoor display screen. The non-network version of the advertising machine is relatively simple and convenient to operate, and the price is more affordable than the online version.
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