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  • Outdoor LCD Digital Signage

    What’s the Outdoor LCD Digital Signage?

    Outdoor LCD Digital Signage adopts the high brightness LCD with IP65 industrial protective level casing leading technology. The end user can upload the advertisement through content management softwar..

  • outdoor kiosk

    How to make your outdoor kiosk successful

    Outdoor kiosks should be sealed properly to prevent the intrusion of water, smoke and dust. Outdoor kiosks should also have proper protection materials.

  • MWE801 indoor wall mount lcd with many features

    MWE801 indoor wall mount lcd with many features:Easy operation: Just Plug and Play,also network optional;Intelligent split screen, multi windows showing advertisement;Good stability Easy installa

  • Digital poster display application

    With the development of technology and advertising, more and more advertisement forms appered in the market, during the past times, we see the advertisment from newspapers, TV and street paper posters

  • What is the OMC?

    OMC was a smart system research and design by Marvel technology engineer team, the full name was outdoor lcd maintenance cloud platform, which use for remotely monitoring the working statue of the out

  • Outdoor advertising high resolution LCD display

    Specifications & Typical Applications of Marvel Technology brand outdoor outside use high brightness advertising LCD digital signage: 2500 nits brightness for sun-readable applications--keep same

  • What is LCD Digital Signage Software?

    What is LCD Digital Signage Software?

    LCD Digital signage becomes an innovative and popular way to display your business’ content to a wide range of audiences. Your audience will consume that content through display screens such as LCD,3D..

  • Alibaba online trade exhibition show

    Alibaba online trade exhibition show

    Alibaba online trade exhibition show

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