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  • outdoor kiosk

    How to make your outdoor kiosk successful

    Outdoor kiosks should be sealed properly to prevent the intrusion of water, smoke and dust. Outdoor kiosks should also have proper protection materials.

  • What is LCD Digital Signage Software?

    What is LCD Digital Signage Software?

    LCD Digital signage becomes an innovative and popular way to display your business’ content to a wide range of audiences. Your audience will consume that content through display screens such as LCD,3D..

  • Alibaba online trade exhibition show

    Alibaba online trade exhibition show

    Alibaba online trade exhibition show

  • How Outdoor LCD Displays Can help You Make Your Dreams come True  

    How Outdoor LCD Displays Can help You Make Your Dreams come True  

    Marvel invest a lot of expenditure and human resources on R&D teams of the outdoor LCD digital signage. We are greatly recognized by the majority of customers, especially on the free CMS and OMC, 10 K..

  • hand sanitizer

    If there's one product that has soared in demand in 2020, it's hand sanitizer

    By integrating digital signage with both mask detection and hand sanitizers, businesses can help customers feel safe knowing unmasked individuals aren't getting in and they can always access hand sanitizer when needed.

  • Outdoor LCD Digital Signage

    What’s the Outdoor LCD Digital Signage?

    Outdoor LCD Digital Signage adopts the high brightness LCD with IP65 industrial protective level casing leading technology. The end user can upload the advertisement through content management softwar..

  • Outdoor LCD display

    Best Outdoor LCD display Android Apps

    As time by going, More and more digital signs are not only indoor TV advertising player. Now outdoor LCD digital signage has already come out. This kind of outdoor digital display board can be used in..

  • Stand Alone Digital Signage

    Fashionable Design Stand Alone Digital Signage

    Marvel FHD resolution indoor stand alone digital signage display advertisement with high reputation in the advertising player field, and have replace traditional billboards and posters, sales LCD digital signage to more than 250 countries and regions around the word.

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