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4 Ways digital signage enhances the customer experience

Smartphones, laptops and even smart appliances have all cemented the indispensable role of technology in our daily lives. As an extension of this, today's customers expect technology wherever they go. Digital signage allows you to communicate with your customers through a medium they are not only familiar with but expect. Here are four ways digital signage can help you enhance the customer experience.


Digital signage is visually appealing; it provides a sharper picture and a more vivid feel than printed signage. There's a lot more to play with on a digital screen - things like visual effects that enhance even the most basic messaging. Research shows that one-third of the brain is devoted to visual processing, and that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Colorful, vibrant digital displays bring products and services to life and are sure to grab attention. When choosing a digital display, it's important to find something that fits your environment. For example, LG's Window Facing Display is great for areas that receive a lot of sunlight, thanks to its impressive 4,000 nits of brightness.

It shows various content

Outdoor digital signage

You are not limited by digital signage, you are not limited by conventional signage. You have the freedom to create a dynamic lineup of content that refreshes on some or all of your digital signage displays on a regular basis according to your needs. Instead of staring at the same static image for months on end, you can provide them with a consistent variety of fresh and exciting content. Replacing monitors is easy and can often be managed remotely. Technologies like LG's webOS smart platform offer enhanced convenience, easy customization and simple management.

it can be interactive


While not all digital signage needs to be interactive, there is definitely a time and place. Today's customers enjoy smart technology that makes the retail experience innovative, personal and fun. Marvel's FHD Outdoor Touch Open-frame Display offers touchscreen functionality that allows customers to browse inventory, availability and promotions, as well as complete tasks such as self-checkout. These actions can be monitored to help you keep track of popular items that people click on or read. This enhances the customer experience and allows you to collect data that makes product preference analysis easier for you and your business.

Informative and Convenient

Digital signage can help customers easily access important information about a store or business. Think digital information boards in places like shopping malls or even art galleries. LG outdoor monitors are perfect for these types of setups. People generally don't want searching for information to be a challenge, and if you can simplify this process with digital signage, customers may have a better experience across the board. Digital signage can also be a huge distraction from customers lining up to pay. In fact, one study even found that digital signage can reduce perceived wait times at checkout by up to 35%.

While traditional signage methods still have their advantages, there is no denying that the digital age requires digital solutions. Whether outdoors or indoors, digital signage isn't just about communicating a message - it's delivering an experience.



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