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Advantages of high brightness LCD screen

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A high brightness screen or high bright display is a digital display that has been specifically designed to function within bright areas, such as broad daylight. The high brightness LCD screen will range from 1500-5000 cd/m², more than twice as bright as the regular LCD screen. With this level of candela, even under the direct sunlight, the content being displayed is clearly visible so you can rest assured that passersby are able to see what is present on the screen.   So when do you need a high brightness display? The answer is when the LCD screen is exposure to direct sunlight, like the outdoor environment ( park, shopping street...) and shop window. Before installing the high brightness LCD screen, you need to think about how many hours a day and the intensity in which the area/window receives sunlight, so that you can choose the right high brightness screen in your street-facing window.   Our company Marvel Technology is producing our own high brightness LCD screen, and you can find our product advantage as follows:  

  1. Afully structured pure aluminum structure with good heat dissipation. LG is a plastic + iron frame. The heat dissipation performance is not good for us. Other manufacturers might use iron frames, or some aluminum parts are iron frames, which are not good for heat dissipation.
  2. Aluminum alloy open mold inlaid structure installation, relatively stable and reliable, not easy to deform. LG's plastic mold opening has the advantage of low bulk cost. The disadvantage is that the plastic deformation is easier and the deformation will cause damage. Other manufacturers generally use screw locking instead of mold nesting. Screw locking is easy to follow-up structural inconsistency and deformation damage.
  3. The lens scheme, whichis generally made within 3000 brightness, and the latest technology can replace 5000 high brightness glass.
  4. LED technology is changing with each passing day, LG's LED technology will not be updated in real time, we can update to the latest LED technology in real time.
  5. Full of test equipment, including LVDS screen measuring instrument and brightness measuring instrument. Withour screen control system, the brightness of the screen can remain unchanged for 5 years.


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