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How to choose a stand alone digital signage for your business

Outdoor digital signage

Many companies communicate with customers through digital signage advertising. Airports, hotels, and stadiums are all equipped with stand alone digital signage to provide information, display interesting content and advertise. However, the actual process of implementing digital signage advertising player to display the required information can be very complicated, especially for business people with a non-technical background. Just like consumer electronics, this is not just a plug and play issue: there are more functions.


Fortunately, however, our digital signage engineer have written a guide on digital signage players, designed to help small business owners adapt to the market and choose the right solution for their situation. As they pointed out, "Any TV you see in a public place is usually powered by a media player." The best digital signage acts as a kind of controller that manages the content displayed on the public display. The media player comes with its own built-in management system, allowing companies to customize the content displayed on their screens.


So far, how these digital signage advertising work and how to implement them has been a mystery for many companies. But Marvel engineer new guide details all aspects of the process, from the setup steps to the fees that should be paid.


Load content on digital signage player


Usually, setting up a stand alone digital signage is relatively simple: storing digital content can be tricky. Marvel Tech guide brings the reader to all the different ways of transferring media to a digital signage advertising player. The content can be uploaded directly from the Internet, or uploaded locally by storing the data on the media player itself, or uploaded through a business network when the digital signage software solution requires the server to be located locally.


Marvel Tech explained that any type of media can be displayed on digital signage. This includes the latest news, your company's website, social media accounts, weather channels, updates, schedules, videos and images. When to use a digital signage player


Then, the guide continues to discuss various use cases. Due to the rapid decline in prices, we believes that it is almost always worthwhile to buy specialized equipment, rather than playing content that may pose a security risk from a laptop. However, they said that some people may not need to bother, especially if they use the sign for one-off exhibitions, such as trade shows. Which type of digital signage player to choose


Like most electronic products, there are a series of different price points, all offering different specifications. Mervel Tech guide provides an in-depth analysis of the various market segments and the pros and cons of each segment. Finally, the guide discusses how much you should pay for the signage player and what features to look for. According to guide, the price starts from as low as $35 and continues to rise to $1,000. Click here for more details on how to choose a digital signage player for your business.

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