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What is LCD Digital Signage Software?

LCD Digital signage becomes an innovative and popular way to display your business’ content to a wide range of audiences. Your audience will consume that content through display screens such as LCD,3D hologram and glasses free 3D LCD display, etc. a digital signage software allows you to create, customize, and publish that content on screens, accordingly. Outdoor digital signage Therefore, It’s a must-have for you if you’re working remotely. Also, if you’re handling a remote team from different countries and parts of the world. LCD Digital Signage Software allows you to share your work through a video presentation too. However, you have to use other hardware like a projector, e-pencil, white screen, and much more. But Digital signage software is essential here. It helps you to manage or control the content the way you want. For example, do you want to record the displayed content? Is your presentation for multiple users or one to one? Do you want to make a particular part of your presentation accessible or not? And much more. Also, you can use digital signage software with content management software. Knowing more about digital signage software could be a little confusing. Best Digital Signage Software Programs Now Marvel technology digital signage companies with their “best digital signage software.” However, not every individual or business person has the same requirements as others. As a result, it becomes a little tough to choose perfect digital signage software for you or your business. To help you understanding. In the below parts, I would show you the key features and advantages of Marvel technology cloud CMS So without wasting much time, let’s get started. Marvel Digital Signage Solution – Overall Best Marvel digital signage allows you to manage content in a powerful way. You can play almost every media file such as audio, video, and image through this software. Also, you can manage your screens remotely by login into Marvel with a few clicks. This software also comes with a Kiosk mode that allows you to locked down before the deployment of devices. This mode allows you to display the contents you want to show. For example, an advertisement. Also, a Kiosk Screensaver option allows you to add a screensaver over the screen of the Android devices that you locked down in Kiosk mode. Key Features

  • Supports all major media formats such as JPG, PNG, MP4, MKV, MP3, etc.
  • Create subfolders with an added file limit.
  • Arrange media according to various terms such as name, type, etc.
  • Simple and easy to use UI.
  • Customize multiple animation effects such as animation scale or animation effect.
  • Display content over multiple screens from a single device.
  • Control one android desktop to output two different video signal to LCD screen.
  • Scheduling timer switch to Android/Windows devices any time as long as you want
  • Different LCD screen same content synchronized

Outdoor digital signage Pricing It comes with zero USD/per month for a device. You are not dreaming, yeah, you haven’t heard that wrongly, you can use Marvel digital signage software permanently as long as you also purchase LCD digital signage device, they will build in their cloud CMS LCD digital signage software freely to let you use forever Technical services They also have their own online technical engineer team to support you online within 24 working hours, so if you have any technical questions, you’ll be welcome to get answer from their engineer. In addition, you can also make video call or voice call with their engineer, cause their engineer is a so professional team who can speak very good English.  

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