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Brief Introduction for LCD Digital Signage

  I.What is an LCD Digital Signage? LCD Digital Signage is a new generation of intelligent equipment that uses standard LCD displays and motherboards to realize information display and video advertisement playback through networking and multimedia system control.  

  1. The components of the general LCD digital signage are:
  2. Advertising machine out-shell (the appearance is divided into horizontal, wall orvertical)

2.Original new LCD panel (Samsung, LG, BOE or Chimei)

  1. Power supply, driver board and chipsets

Outdoor digital signage

  III. The origin of the advertising machine "New Five Media"!

  1. Traditional media: newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet are called the four major media
  2. The "fifth media" refers to a large number of public places such as high-end buildings, hotels, shopping malls, chain stores, banks, theaters, stations, airports, subways, buses, taxis, etc., forming an independent multimedia advertising machine The playback terminals are installed in a distributed manner, and a unified professional advertisement and new multimedia information media are played.


  1. Where is the application field ofLCD Digital Signage?

Mainly realize building and outdoor LCD advertising. In commercial buildings, supermarkets, campuses and other channels, commercial terminal advertising systems in the form of LCD advertising machines are used to broadcast TV commercials and other programs as a means of expression.  

  1. The main application of advertising machine mainly includes 8 main channels:
  2. Commercial office restaurants and building elevators,
  3. Superstores and large supermarkets,
  4. Aviation terminal,
  5. Large hospitals and pharmacies,
  6. Outdoor large LCD,
  7. Buses and taxis,
  8. School campus,
  9. Train stations and other channels, etc.


  1. The LCD Digital Signage machine has a strong information release function, which is the mainstream of today's media industry!

The advertising machine information release system is a platform for the transmission, release, management and control of the "fifth media". It is gradually being promoted and applied in all walks of life in society, and it plays an inestimable role in the rapid and effective dissemination of multimedia information. The information release and operation field of the advertising machine information release system has great market potential. At the same time, it can also be applied to large-scale sports and cultural entertainment activities, such as the Olympic Games, expos, etc., as well as the information release of major domestic and foreign meetings.

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