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What do you need: traditional LED or new LCD outdoor digital signage?

In our age of interconnection, enterprises need to work smarter to get customers' attention. One way is to use advertising display screens to interact with customers in an outdoor environment. 
But,before companies plans outdoor sales activities,it needs to confirm a right technology for the relevant application. there are two main options for outdoor digital signage: LED & LCD advertising display – each option has its own advantages and ideal applications..
Traditional LED
Traditional LED displays provide higher brightness, bigger size and durability is good as well. Outdoor LED designed for outdoor environments require less heating and cooling support, and require simpler housings and fixtures, which provides users with another reason to use the technology in outdoor marketing activities.
Right pixel pitch is really important when considering led for outdoor applications. it is mainly for placed farther away from viewers, not suitable for close look. 
Retail and entertainment industries use outdoor LEDs for buildings, billboards, large venue digital signage, queue displays or kiosks. Smart city is applying technology to non-traditional areas, integrating LED digital advertising display into directory boards.
New and hot LCD outdoor digital signage
LCD displays have always been an ideal choice for indoor digital signage applications. Now, with their constantly updated technical functions and fashionable and diverse styles, they are becoming more and more popular in outdoor digital signage applications. Let more project buyers turn their attention from the traditional LED display to the current LCD outdoor advertising machine, not only because of the high-definition resolution and simple installation method of LCD, also because of the various application software developed on LCD-based interactive touch functions. With the continuous and rapid development of smart cities in various countries, the development of more related application software has also stabilized, and is more widely used in LCD outdoor advertising machines, bringing a lot of convenience to our lives.
LCD outdoor displays are widely used: streets, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, bus stations, railway stations and other transportation hubs,etc..
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