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Touch screen table in our daily lives

Table is one of the common furniture in our lives, which you can find in the living room, school, restaurant and other places, becomes an indispensable part of our regular lives.

What if the common table can be upgraded into touch screen table, will it be more convenient for us?

Here is the way how it develops into a touch table: first a touch screen is embedded into the table, and installed with Android or Windows mainboard, then this table has become a personal computer or Ipad.

The panel screen comes in a variety of sizes, 32inch, 43inch, 49inch, 65inch or even 75inch, but the outer design is not fixed, as it can be customized with different shape, width or height based on user needs and various application.

For the touch screen technology, there are two types of optional touch screen: capacitive touch and touch foil screen, and can be 10 points touch, 20 points touch or even 40 points touch.

The touch foil was one of the most common touchscreens used in industrial electronics. One of the main reasons for this was its cost-effectiveness.Unlike the touch foil displays that relies on mechanical pressure applied to the surface, capacitive touchscreen makes use of human body's natural conductivity to operate, which is more receptive and better than the touch foil display in more ways than one. If the higher cost is acceptable, then capacitive touch is a best choice.

Another two important characters are waterproof and vandal proof. Both capacitve touch and touch foil screen is waterproof, and there is a 5mm-8mm thickness tempered glass installed on the surface of LCD screen, which can protect the screen from violence damage.

Actually various application of touch table has become popular in public place.

In a coffee house, a 21.5inch/32inch touch screen multi function coffee table is very useful as a waiter or waitress. A menu can be displayed on the touch screen, so that customers are able to review different options of coffee and make the order directly by themselves. After the ordering, they can enjoy watching the movies on the touch screen together. Besides, another optional feature of RFID reader is installed on the corner of touch table, then customers can log in their VIP account or pay the bill via their RFID card.

Same menu application also is available in restaurant, but the size of touch table need to be bigger 43inch, 55inch or 65inch. The whole big screen can be divided into 4 parts, and each one is displaying the menu so that customer is able to choose different dish individually. Meanwhile they can play the game in this interactive touch screen table together.

Another important application is the school education, mainly it's used in kindergarten. From the outer design, safety is the most important parameters, so the material of glass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a better option, as it's insulation and light. With the interactive touch screen table, students can learn different educational intelligence program, such as painting, puzzle and game.

Someone is using touch screen tables as game touch table, and developed as gambling touch table, which is customized with coin collector, credit card reader, QR code/barcode reader and receipt printer.

All above different applications, except the touch screen hardware, the corresponding software is essential. Only when the software is developed and compatible with various hardware, the final application can be achieved.

As the development of touch screen table design and software, more and more touch table applications is happening in our dairy lives, maybe it will replace all of the regular table one day, and become a common furniture.

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