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Multiple Video Wall Monitor to form a large LCD screen

Video wall is one of the popular LCD display products, which is consisting of multiple LCD monitor and were put closely together, then become a large visualization LCD screen. But you might concern about the large frame or bezel between each monitor, as the display of large screen can not be one complete screen if the bezel is too big. Then it comes with the seamless video wall. “seamless” means small bezel, which is 3.5mm only, even can be made as 1.8mm. With this negligible seamless video wall, you will not find out the large LCD screen is consisted by several video wall monitor easily.

For the size of this large screen, what is the range or is there any limit? First of all, you need to be aware of the size of area where this large video wall screen will be installed, so that you can calculate which size of video wall display and the total quantity.

Also need to consider the the typical content and the viewing distance. If watched from up close, the pixel density should be high enough to not see the individual pixels. The resolution is subject to the wall size. For example you want a 4K video wall, you need 4 Full HD screens in a 2 x 2 setup. There are 3 different size of video wall monitor: 46inch (Samsung Panel), 49inch (LG panel), 55inch (Samsung or LG panel).Besides the size, different brightness is available also: 450nits, 500nits or 700nits. Once the size, brightness and bezel are confirmed, then can start to decide the total quantity of video wall monitor. The minimum consisting is 2x1, which means it consisted by 2 units of monitor. Other consisting options can be 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 3x3, 3x4, 4x4... as long as it is even number and the space is big enough to put together.

Usually this video wall does not request the touch screen, as it is used to display video or image, or CCTV. But touch screen video wall is also one option, the interactive video wall can be compatible with some customized software, to show the interactive video or game.

Normally the mounted bracket of video wall monitor is wall mounting type, which can be fixed on the wall or front access the monitor. “front access” means the video wall monitor is able to take out from the front side. If there is some faulty happened on one of the monitors, you do not need to take out the whole mounted bracket, instead, the faulty monitor can be take out individually which is more convenient during the maintenance. Besides mounting on the wall, it can be supported by the floor standing bracket, and is removable at different area.

Although these different video wall solution has very distinct merits, answering specific needs of users, they have a number of things in common: 1.They need a video wall controller to get content on the screens, and need HDMI spliter, HDMI matrix or Multi-screen processor to achieve your application. For example, when display one large video or image in shopping mall, then a HDMI spliter is sufficien; if it’s used for CCTV to monitor different area, then need mulyi-screen processor to pull out different camera video at one same screen. 2.Flexible regarding size (number of individual displays), depends on different area. 3.Need a calibration mechanism to ensure that all individual tiles have the same brightness and color settings.

Typical markets for LCD display video walls include meeting and crisis rooms, hotel lobbies, and experience centers. You can also find them in the control rooms of traffic and security centers. This video wall application is more and more popular in our life, and our technology is developing accordingly to meet with the needs of different users. Maybe one day you will use it in your own house.



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