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Premium products of professional advertising digital signage -1500-5000 nits High Brightness LCD Pa

Marvel is a reputable manufacturer of indoor & outdoor LCD digital signage, developed own brand High Brightness LCD Panel. We offer high quality High Brightness LCD Panel with best price and professional service. Marvel High Brightness LCD panel screen size from 19inch to 86inch, the highest resolution is up to 1920*1080P,3840*2160P (4K). Small size such as 19inch to 27inch normally was used in semi-outdoor environment, LCD panel brightness support up to 1500nits. For outdoor project widely adopt 32inch to 86inch, LCD panel brightness support 1500nits to 3500nits. Marvel developed 55 inch outdoor LCD display panel up to 5000 nits.

In order to meet budget for outdoor LCD display project, most of client choose purchase LCD dispaly panel from China directly. Specially of outdoor LCD display project, the outer shell is much bigger volume, just import High Brightness LCD Panel can save much shipping freight.

Marvel Technology experienced many professional outdoor advertising display projects. High quality customized projects adopt High Brightness LCD Panel to achive high resolution advertising display. Such as smart city project, park,office buliding, shopping mall, outdoor vending booth, subway stop, bus stop, hospital inside way finding , shop windows, yard advertising, outdoor bar, hotel gate, street side etc.

Marvel high brightness outdoor LCD panels advantages 1.Fully structured pure aluminum structure with good heat dissipation. LG is a plastic + iron frame. The heat dissipation performance is not good for us. Many other manufacturers in China use iron frames, or some aluminum parts are iron frames, which are not good for heat dissipation. 2.Aluminum alloy open mold inlaid structure installation, relatively stable and reliable, not easy to deform. LG's plastic mold opening has the advantage of low bulk cost. The disadvantage is that the plastic deformation is easier and the deformation will cause damage. Some manufacturers in China generally use screw locking instead of mold nesting. Screw locking is easy to follow-up structural inconsistency and deformation damage. 3.LG adopts the Giraff scheme, Marvel use the lens scheme. LG is better than ours for brightness uniformity, because LG uses a starry light board solution, we use a convex mirror solution. The Gypsophila program is compatible with higher brightness. The lens scheme is generally made within 3000 brightness, and the latest technology can replace 5000 high brightness glass. 4.LED technology is changing with each passing day, LG's LED technology will not be updated in real time, Marvel can update to the latest LED technology in real time. This is our advantage. 5. Other domestic manufacturers have insufficient test equipment, and the quality is not verified. Marvel have full test equipment. LVDS screen measuring instrument and brightness measuring instrument. 6.Marvel use the screen control system, the brightness of the screen can remain unchanged for 5 years.

High brightness LCD panel is the master part of outdoor advertising LCD digital signage. Marvel not only can offer high brightness LCD panel hardware, but also developed own outdoor maintenance and management cloud software system. Marvel support supply high brightness lcd display combined with outdoor system to customer.

For outdoor products, Marvel software department team developed super good sofware for remote control maintenance called OMC. Outdoor OMC system (outdoor maintenance and management cloud software system): 1.Every product inlcudes 10 kinds of sensors (light sensor, door openning sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, vibration sensor, safety monitoring sensor, ponding sensor, smog sensor, collision sensor,tilt sensor). 2. Problem and staus monitoring software included. 3.Touble shooting by software included. 4.Use softwae Remote Check key working performance by Group 5.Unnormal work alarm generation.

Marvel high brightness LCD panel combined with outdoor system will help client to offer better maintenance service for outdoor adverising LCD digitla signage projects!




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