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How do outdoor advertising machines attract consumers' attention?

The significance of the outdoor advertising machine is to attract consumers through the advertising content played, so as to achieve the role of corporate publicity and promotion, so whether the advertising content is attractive, whether it can leave a deep image is very important.
For content created and published, it is necessary and worthwhile to consider the target audience. The number of visits will vary depending on the location of the screen or other factors. You may be able to produce an attractive program, but you cannot guarantee that consumers can stay for the time of a program.
Marvel insists that less than three seconds of content can make consumers notice your message. When you start to produce content, if each advertisement is usually 15 seconds, as mentioned above, you must consider that visitors can see your content in a cycle time period.
Outdoor advertising machines are not TVs or web pages. The content is generally not too long. It is true that time is placed on how to create high-quality content, but if you do not pay attention to the issue of time, everything will be in vain. Assuming that the content is too long and affects the time for consumers to make decisions, it has already failed.
The length of the advertisement playlist is basically determined by the position of the screen and the time that the viewer can interact. In places like bus station waiting rooms, it is necessary to provide in-depth information that can be played for a long time.
In most cases, the cycle time should be less than the average dwell time where the screen is located. Even a person waiting in the waiting room for fifteen minutes does not mean that he can watch the screen all the time. A cycle time of 5 minutes is the best, so that the viewer can also get a more lasting impression.
To sum up, it is important to pay attention to the production of programs. When our attention is focused on the programs recognized by consumers, the mission of the outdoor advertising machine is completed.

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