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Is it right or wrong to pursue ultra-thin outdoor electronic advertising screens?

First of all, why does the Outdoor LCD display  need to be so thick? In short, this is determined by the special outdoor environment and the special performance of the whole machine. As we all know, the outdoor unit has several major features: high brightness, heat dissipation, waterproof, and dustproof, which determine the special internal structure of the outdoor unit, and it is necessary to leave enough space for the perfect realization and combination of the aforementioned features. A few centimeters thinner will inevitably affect the cooling air duct and heat dissipation of the high-brightness LCD screen and internal electronic components, which will lead to unpredictable after-sales quality problems.
In addition, the height of the whole machine can easily reach two or three meters, and it is necessary to scientifically design the length, width, and thickness from an aesthetic point of view, so we cannot blindly pursue "thinness"; moreover, considering the installation stability and safety of the whole machine, the so-called " "Ultra-thin" is also not advisable. Once the machine rolls over due to insufficient load-bearing, safety accidents will easily occur.
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Secondly, how is the "ultra-thin outdoor machine" made? The most critical and core component of the outdoor machine is the high-brightness LCD screen. Due to the cost-effectiveness, the current mainstream high-brightness screens in the domestic market are all manufactured by using original modules to change the backlight and increase the number of LED light sources, which is what we often say "Change highlight". The higher the brightness of the LCD screen, the more the number of LED light sources, the greater the thickness of the LCD screen, plus there is a circulation heat dissipation space between the high-brightness screen and the protective glass, and the electronic components inside the outdoor unit adopt outdoor standards, cooling fans and air-conditioning spaces. Occupancy, etc., the outdoor machine can be "thin", but the premise must be to sacrifice some or all of the above prerequisites of the outdoor machine. So, is this "ultra-thin outdoor machine" still an outdoor machine in the true sense?
Finally, whether it is a few centimeters thick or thin, what impact will it have on the performance of outdoor electronic advertising screens? In fact, after answering the above two questions, the answer to the third question is self-evident. Will customers and users vote for the "ultra-thin outdoor machine" or the conventional outdoor advertising machine? let us wait and see!
In the future, outdoor electronic advertising screens will not only be used for advertising display or public welfare publicity, but will develop in the direction of smart communities/buses/scenic spots and human-computer intelligent interaction. The whole machine can integrate various functions and appearance. Limited to the current mainstream "square". Therefore, the simple pursuit of thinness, lightness, and smallness is too narrow, and it will greatly restrict the development ideas and hands of the entire industry.

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