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How to make the playback management of outdoor advertising machines convenient and fast

The popularity of outdoor advertising machines can be said to be a new breakthrough in the advertising media industry, because advertising is no longer only seen on TVs or computers, but also in advertising machines beside or inside elevators, advertising machines on buildings, and shopping malls. advertising machine, etc. However, some people don't know much about the playback management of advertising machines. Let's answer how to make the playback management of advertising machines convenient and fast.
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Since the currently used advertising machines are mainly divided into two categories: stand-alone advertising machines and networked advertising machines, it is determined that there are certain differences in the playback management of outdoor advertising machines. The playback management of the stand-alone advertising machine needs to be changed on-site, while the networked advertising machine can realize remote control and management, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency.  Generally speaking, to improve the playback management speed of the networked advertising machine, it needs to be pre-arranged, and then perform remote telecasting, replacement, insertion and other functions. This is like controlling a computer remotely, as long as you click the corresponding operation item to complete, the labor cost is almost zero. Therefore, in general, if you want to improve the playback management efficiency of the advertising machine, it is best to use a networked advertising machine, which will be more convenient and fast.

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