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How to find out a premium supplier of 360 photo booth

As we all know, recently 360 photo booth is more and more popular no matter in USA or in Europe. But how can you be sure that you can find out a good supplier and to be cooperated in the long term ? Today I gonna tell you the answer.


Firstly, most customers will be aware of that their vendor should be a professional manufacturer of 360 photo booth. But how they can know their supplier is a professional vendor? There’re 3 points that need to be evaluated.


1), you gonna see the scale of the factory, Like HUA ER DISPLAY has more than 3000 square meter for production, they produced more than 200 units every day, below attached picture is the actual looking of the assembling line for HUA ER DISPLAY.

Outdoor digital signage Outdoor digital signage Outdoor digital signage Outdoor digital signage Outdoor digital signage



2)HUA ER DISPLAY has their own QC staff to check the quality of the goods one by one and step by step before shipment every day. If there’s no issues, then they gonna sign the inspection report for each one device and send out, below attached the inspection report for each one.

Outdoor digital signage

3) HUA ER DISPLAY has their own technical engineer staff to support clients online in 24 hours working days. They can speak fluent English to clients directly, and they also know technical knowledge well to fix the issues after you get in trouble of their products. Below attachment is the photo showing when their engineer was doing technical training for their clients in different countries

Outdoor digital signage






Secondly, all of customers will consider the price, which is the most important things. For the price, let’s talk about it in three aspects:

1),HUA ER DISPLAY has the warehouse in USA, In this way, the shipping cost of the product is reduced to the greatest extent,

2).The price from HUA ER DISPLAY will include door to door shipping cost from their warehouse to your door locations, also it includes import tax, so you guys don’t need to pay extra cost for import tax anymore. Furthermore, the shipping time will just only take 3-5 working days ,then you will receive it to use.

3).All of their products has one year free warranty, if you find out any faulty or broken, their online technical engineer will standby for you and serve to you to confirm, After that we gonna send out a brand new free components to let you replace. They also bear the shipping cost for sending components instead of only cost for components.

Below is some pictures for showing their shipment and their warehouse in USA

Outdoor digital signageOutdoor digital signage Outdoor digital signage Outdoor digital signage Outdoor digital signage Outdoor digital signage


Thirdly, I think most clients will also ask what will come with the products(accessories),Then let’s talk about it.

1),For accessories, it will come with like below picture showing.


Outdoor digital signage












2)They also have optional accessories to let you choose in case. It’s the backdrop and LED lights, for the details of them ,please kindly check the below video link to watch the actual outlooking of it.

360 photo booth backdrop background - YouTube



Now that you have read this article, then I can be sure that you really have a need, then what are you waiting for? hurry up and buy from them!!!


Please consult www.huaer-display.com for details

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