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Taxi top outdoor Lcd Display

As we know , when we go out at night to take taxi, the only way we can recognize the taxi is the red Led light mark on the top of the taxi till now . There are a big words TAXI . With the continuous development of LCD technology, the present LCD technology is more and more mature and stable, and the application is more and more extensive. Also for taxi , we use LCD display on there to show us the different views.

  Outdoor digital signage

You can see the fashion double Lcd screen show on the top of taxi. Perfect shape in a trapezoid Why we use double side screen , because it can brings strong visual impact. We can see the height of the car body advertisement is exactly the same as the pedestrian line of sight.   It can shines in direct sunlight and keep the super high brightness for 3500nits constantly within 5 years.. If you want to control the playing advertising , we have CMS ( contents management software ) to control playing advertising automatically . and we also have OMC (outdoor Lcd Maintenance cloud) software ,which can monitor it how to works. If any problems happened , you can know at the first time by the OMC  ,which is very conveniently.   Any interesting , please contact us freely.   Marvel

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