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Selecting The Proper Brightness For Outdoor TVs & Digital Signage Displays

Do you want to see yourself in the TV? Easy, just pick the TV to outdoor, it can be the part to show. Fact 1- All LCD screens are reflected from plastic or glass. Fact 2- TELEVISION is usually designed to be watched in a dark room. Outdoor digital signage If you've ever tried to watch an LCD TV in a bright room, you no doubt understand the negative effects of the sun or bright light on the screen. Now take the TV to outdoor, you will notices that the effect will be bad. The average household indoor TELEVISION simply cannot compete with direct or indirect bright sunlight. In order to make the TV get better effect in door, need to solve some problems. As we know, if let the TV exposure to rain, snow, or any form of liquid is not good for it, even will let is goes worse and not working. Water is one of television's enemies, guaranteed to be released into its ugly, premature demise. Outdoor digital signage Not all "outdoor TV" is the same. Although all outdoor TVS are weatherproof and designed to withstand moisture, But some are just standard indoor models, value Added to prevent moisture damage. They do not solve another important problem--reflection. In order for a TELEVISION to behave well outdoors, rather than as a mirror, it must be bright enough to resist the forces of the sun. Definition: Brightness is a measure of TV light output (brightness) normally expressed in terms of CD/m2 or NIT. They are the same, 1 nit = 1 cd / m2. Brightness indicates how much luminous power the eye will detect when looking at a surface from a particular Angle. Thus, brightness is an indicator of how bright a surface will appear. Ordinary indoor LCD measure brightness in a range of 200 to 350 nits. While a 350-netter monitor may be sufficient in shaded outdoor areas, it will fail badly in bright or sunny environments. For brighter areas, LCD TVS with a minimum rating of 450 and a preferred rating of 700 nits perform much better. If you plan to display in full sun, you will need 1500+ nit rating. Simply placing a standard consumer TV outdoors can lead to a waste of money. Outdoor digital signage

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