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Application scenarios of Stretched LCD Display

Bar LCD screen generally refers to an LCD screen with a length-to-width ratio of more than 3:1. It has the characteristics of ultra-wide viewing angle, high brightness, high reliability and high temperature resistance. It is used in retail, transportation, banking, hospitals and other industries, and the scope of use is expanding. The LCD bar screen can be combined with the information release system to support basic functions such as split-screen playback, time-sharing playback, and timer switching; supports terminal group management, account authority management, and system security management; supports extended functions, such as multi-screen synchronization, Linkage playback, etc. Application scenarios of bar LCD screen

  1. Large shopping malls and supermarkets

Shopping malls and supermarkets are the places that gather the most people. Introducing the detailed content or parameters of products to customers through the bar screen can greatly attract traffic and increase the probability of purchase. In addition, under the impact of the new retail model, major shopping malls have begun to change their faces, using the shelf bar screens as a weapon for advertising and sales assistance. Stretched LCD Display

  1. Subway and bus station signs

It can be used as an indoor station announcement screen for buses and subways, displayed on buses and subway cars, and comprehensively display vehicle arrival information and other multimedia advertising information. Not only is the entertainment video content attractive, but also information such as route maps and timetables can also be displayed on the same screenStretched LCD Display Marvel technology successfully design a strip-shaped screen board that can support LVDS or V by one interface screens. At present, the video playback can be played not only from USB/SD/Internal memory, but also via WIFI. Supports video, picture, text and mixed playback of pictures, video and text, supports time-sharing programs, and timer switches.Importantly ,we have our own software CMS, just use a master pc to send any contents to the screen.

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