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8inch Face Recognition Kiosk

Facing the Covid 19, the people all over the world are suffering big pain and death. The cross infection brings very big trouble among people, especially in the public places. They breath the same air, living and working in the same space, using the same facilities. It is very easy to be infected. In order to decrease infection rate, entrance guard management becomes so important and necessary. So in order to supply the better product to defeat the Covid 19, Marvel R&D team developed 2 models product for it. Face recognition kiosk with temperature kiosk and Hand sanitizer kiosk. Outdoor digital signage

Marvel grabbed the importance of big date advantage, make the face recognition as the indispensable function. It supply a big help to track all info by database. The sanitizer is as optional part of the 8nch face recognition kiosk also. It is helpful to avoid the infection. 3 types dispenser for option: spray alchohol, gel and foam. Outdoor digital signage

Because of the practicability, the 8inch face recognition kiosk with temperature detection becomes the hot selling product. 1.Small size, only need small space. 0.5m detection distance, the real detection distance could be enlarged into 1m. 2.Alarm: recognize the unwear mask or high body temperature. 3.Aluminium body case.Different height need, for different places, such as small height to kindergarten. 1.1m and 1.2m pillar is enough for the the adult height. 4.Binocular recognition, recognize the live body and pic soon. 5.Free CMS, get the info from the database, help to track the detection info history, name, pic, temp, dept and so on. 6.Small screen bring big use, play advertising, promotional video and so on. Outdoor digital signage

Contact us, it not only let you help to resist the Covid, but also bring a good chance in the special Market. Outdoor digital signage

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