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Fascinating Taxi Top Lcd Display Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

With the development of the times, more and more LCD digital signage are now in people’s eyes. We can see LCD advertising machines everywhere in many cities, but people are gradually not satisfied with simple and conventional advertising machines. Therefore, more and more. Many design styles and application scenarios of digital signage are becoming more and more novel to attract people's attention, so that greater market benefits can be obtained. Outdoor digital signage So today we will introduce to you a very novel LCD digital signage, it is the taxi top LCD digital signage. This advertising player has a unique dual-screen design, adopts all-aluminum material as the outer frame of the device, and a lightweight digital signage. It also has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof, and can work normally under harsh outdoor conditions, regardless of wind If it rains or snows, it can still keep the normal state for advertising. Of course, these two characteristics are the most basic conditions for outdoor advertising machines. From a functional point of view, it supports 4G network and GPS, so the device can update advertisements through 4G network, or switch advertising content through GPS signals, such as when a car When accelerating, GPS can detect the acceleration process of the car speed, and can match different advertising content through different speed segments. At the same time, when the car is in different geographic locations, it can also play different ads. Realize to reach different cities to play different advertisements. In terms of security, the device will use four built-in cameras. The cameras can work 24 hours a day. Similar to the anti-theft monitoring in a car, it can automatically record. Once an abnormality is found, they can grab key pictures and videos, and alarm sound is also emitted. In terms of maintenance, it has built-in different environmental sensors, which can capture environmental data in real time, such as temperature and humidity, smoke, and filter blockage rate. Through real-time feedback of these data to our outdoor cloud server, users can monitor the equipment Real-time operating status. At the same time, users can also remotely maintain the device after logging in to the account through the cloud platform. They can remotely switch the air-cooled system or switch the screen to determine whether the screen is malfunctioning through a series of methods. The smartest feature is that when the device is just installed in the car, users can log in to the cloud platform to give instructions to the device, click on self-diagnosis, and they can diagnose online. After that, they will self-diagnose. The diagnosis report is submitted to the cloud server for users to view. Therefore, in terms of maintenance, our design system has maximized the user's worry and trouble, and can greatly reduce the labor and financial costs of equipment operation and maintenance. For such a high-end smart and innovative advertising device, don't you really consider adding a new position to your digital media business to make it play the best role?

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