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40 inch Taxi top Strip Dual Sided Outdoor LCD Display

Outdoor digital signage

Marvel 40 inch Taxi top Strip Dual Sided outdoor advertising display Is much more clear resolution than Led screen. Special Trapezoidal design for outdoor application.Not only waterproof but also It has super fluidity and elastic potential energy. Outdoor operating temperature is from -10 to 55 degrees The double-sided outdoor lcd screen with super brightness brings strong visual impact and the height of the car body advertisement is the same as the pedestrian line of sight. The digital outdoor signage screen with super high brightness 3500 nits still shines in direct sunlight;and will keep the constant brightness 3500 nits of 5 years. A variety of split screen vivid display of advertising. Super loud speakers and Camera are built in and also With WiFi, 4G, GPS module Outdoor LCD Maintenance Cloud (OMC) and Content Management Software ( CMS) which use your PC can directly control and see how it works Someone would have questions like :How do you maintain this product after MARVEL sell it? We have OMC (outdoor LCD operation and maintenance cloud system), which can remotely monitor the running status of the advertising machine. Our equipment administrators can remotely maintain the equipment through the cloud account we assigned, which is more abnormal than the equipment. Taxi top Strip Dual Side Outdoor P2 P0.4 lcd display high brightness digital signs

Taxi top Strip Dual Side Outdoor P2 P0.4 lcd display high brightness digital signs[/caption] We can adjust the parameters of the heat dissipation system in the background, we can also remotely switch the fan, and switch the screen backlight. These functions are used to determine the cause of the problem. Of course, one of the most characteristic features of this system is one-click troubleshooting After you sell the machine to your customers, you can use this function to perform batch troubleshooting on multiple devices, allowing multiple devices to perform self-diagnosis, and then give the administrator a medical report. Any interesting about our taxi top outdoor lcd digital signage ,please contact us soon, we are always waiting for you here !

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