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Why use outdoor lcd digital signage?

If you are a business owner, or you are an executive or an advertising professional, you can be sure that you can achieve this goal. Quite basic business 101 do you think? Now, the difficult part is how we can achieve these results in the current economy. My main purpose in this article is to help business owners and executives "out of the box" when generating additional revenue and profits. When I visited and talked to regional companies, I noticed a common trend. It seems that companies will invest a lot of money and resources to attract new customers. An executive I spoke to told me that he spent about $100 for each lead. This is a potential customer generated by their TV commercial, not a confirmed new customer or actual sales. Of course, this does not include printed matter, canvassing or other types of advertising. We bombed so much that most regular ads are nothing more than pure annoying sounds. Whether it’s someone yelling at us on TV, someone stopping to introduce their products or services, or someone wearing a Statue of Liberty costume and waving to us when we drive past, we will automatically turn it off and turn them off Information.outdoor lcd digital signage 

Other research shows that the cost of attracting new and new customers is 5 to 8 times higher than the cost of maintaining and expanding existing or new customers.   One way to increase revenue and attract new customers is through referrals, where existing customers recommend your products or services to family and friends.   Another method is to use outdoor digital signage, which is a digital display network (LCD or plasma) that can be centrally managed and addressed for targeted information, entertainment, merchandise and advertising.   Why use outdoor digital signage?   Regardless of the industry, digital signage solutions enable companies to attract new customers, build loyalty and brand awareness, enrich customer experience and increase profits. This not only increases the recommendation rate, but also increases the point of purchase sales.   The key is to deploy attractive digital displays, eye-catching videos, graphics that convey valuable information, and use interactive kiosks or these three to attract customer participation to connect with customers.   According to International Point of Purchase Advertising (POPAI), approximately 75% of purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase. The key is to attract these new customers into your business premises.

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