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Best Outdoor LCD display Android Apps

Outdoor LCD display

As time by going, More and more digital signs are not only indoor TV advertising player. Now outdoor LCD digital signage has already come out. This kind of outdoor digital display board can be used in outdoor, it has waterproof, vandal proof features. But it won’t be enough for outdoor LCD digital signage.
As we all know, the cooling system is the most important for outdoor LCD display boards.
So Marvel technology (China) developed an Android apps that can remote control the screen to do remote maintenance. This Android apps can read all data coming from the inside of the outdoor screen, Build in the screen, We installed so many different kinds of sensor, like door opening sensor, flood sensor, smoking sensor, electrical current sensor, screen sensor, filter sensor, humidity sensor, shock sensor, temperature sensor, vibration sensor, etc. All of the data coming from these sensors will be gathered by this Android apps made by Marvel technology (China). The previewing interface is like below picture showing,

In the left top corner is the real-time temp data dash board, it can shows the temp value inside of the screen real time. At this Android apps , it will gather the temp value and push to cloud server in real time to show in the cloud server. At the same time, this intelligent Android apps can control the fans to speed up automatically, Which will mostly make the screen adapt to different environment with different temp. Low temp, the fan will be running with low speed, High temp, then the screen will work with higher speed running of fans until the fans run with full speed. As we also can see ,in the above picture, it is not only showing the temp data dash board, but also so many indicators for different data, like screen status, humidity status, flooding , smoking ,collision, tilt, door status,

Let me explain how they are working, the status of the screen is monitoring by an electrical current sensor, In the case of screen off, the indicator will be in red instead of green. At the same time, our Android apps will send a message to our cloud server to upload the alerts to users’ email for checking on time, So our clients can know the real time status of the screen, humidy, flooding, collision or door opening status etc. all in all, what is showing is enable our clients to know the real time status of the outdoor digital signs,

On other hand, we still considered there’s a chance for users to do remote maintenance function. It’s just like below picture showing

Outdoor digital signage

In this control panel, we setup monitoring photos, screen sensors, screenshots, turn on/off screen and fans or heater. When the screen is in abnormal status, this control panel will be much useful for our clients, they can enable our users control the fans to switch on of off the fans to do trouble shooting to confirm if the issue of cooling systems is coming from the running fans, if the fans lost control by our Android apps, then that is to say , the cooling fans is getting error, we need to go to the location of the screen to check the fans , Moreover, When the screen is built up in different locations, Our clients doesn’t need to go to each location of the outdoor display board to check all the screens, they just only need to go home or office and sit down ,then drinking coffee and watching the screen to log in our cloud server , After that, they just need to click the ‘Self-diagnosis button, then all of our outdoor display will make self-checking automatically via our Android apps controlling. After down , our cloud server will just give you a peace of checking report, which one screen is now working normal, which part of the screen is not working, I definitely trust this function will save you much more time and money to do maintenance no matter you are end user or middle man in the LCD business. You don’t need to drive your car to go per location for per screen to confirm if the screen is working fine, Whenever and wherever, as long as you want to know these information, you just need to login our cloud server, then just click these buttons, you can easily know all of important information on time,

So all of these special features now only comes from Marvel technology (China), Pls remember that we are not only a professional manufacturer of LCD digital signage, we are more than a supplier of providing solutions for our clients.
For more details, you are welcome to get inquiry in www.marveltechgroup.com.

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