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Marvel Outdoor Digital Signage

Nowadays, more and more country and city start some smart city project, interactive searching kiosk, with modern technology to help, guide and attract people eyes.

outdoor digital signage outdoor digital signage

Some advantages as outdoor digital signage displays is able to withstand both hot and cold surroundings, Internal air-cooling system or air-conditioning systems can be customized to allow the display to work at an optimal level in almost any climate.

Outdoor digital signs prevent all airborne swarf, dust and other particles; broadening the range of possible environments, prevent dust, debris and moisture from the air entering with IP65 level. And digital signage outdoor displays screens is using high brightness with 2500-5000 cd/m2.

Marvel has been processed many outdoor digital signage project. For outdoor, some public address may need advertising display screens, some tourist attraction may need outdoor digital screen for guiding hotel, attractions, route. Some sample as below:

This is outdoor double sided display for Hot Spring Resort in Germany. Both is LCD screens with 2500 nits. Showing advertising, guiding Tourist etc..

]outdoor digital signage

Some city is with new advertising technology as outdoor lcd displays or LED product. It’s instead of traditional poster etc.. Mainly used for public service announcements, advertising, news. Some sample as below:

This is for Thailand government project: Smart city, starting from Bangkok, double sided 65’’ outdoor display, 1 side is LCD screen 2500 nits, other side is poster, with WIFI, tablet for searching info, phone charging etc..


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