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This Is Why People Love Window Advertising Screen

In this information age, advertising is everywhere in our life nowadays, how to make advertising easy to convey to people? Our original advertisement such as magazine promotion, weekly newspaper, brochures, exhibitions... Now digital signage will be a better solution in advertising business. Here would like to introduce our window advertising screen, one of types of LCD digital signage.

1.Strong visual impact, high brightness for indoor and outdoor viewing, high resolution screen, high definition photo and video display, directly and concisely to show the advertising on the screen. People can easy to catch the information. Conducive to the fierce competition in the advantage. When customer pass by your shop, how they can get the best information of your product or your shop in a short time only from your window? Marvel retail shop window LCD display will help you do this. It can be installed against to the window to show your product features and your brand or other selling points you want to display to the consumers. Not occupy more space. Visually, it also gives customers a sense of information age. The application of advertising digital signage facilitates the communication between the store and customers and becomes a bridge between sellers and buyers. Find out the customer's demand points, so as to achieve the purpose of the transaction. It's a modern city most r supermarket or shop needs an advertising tool.

2.Wide angle viewing, long working time, our window advertising display could be continuous use 24h×7days, the LCD screen lifespan is 50000h-60000h. Consumers can see this topshop window display such information as text, sound and image makes the ignorant and boring advertisement more vivid and humanized. And this item wide use for many applications, such as supermarket, shopping mall, store, exclusive shop ... Also can be setting automatic switching. Not require artificial maintenance often. How convenient is for this window advertising screen.

3.Large information capacity for the digital signage, could self-made program, instant broadcast, rich content. Not only advertising also program. Also could be publishing content by cloud or remotely, it built-in our content management software. Support splitting multiple content on each device; Support playing most formats advertising content videos, images and documents; Support interactive program and website; Support rolling text; Support weather and bus system display (need connect with local system); Support timer switch screen on/off; Support playing different loop content in different time period, schedule your device; Support remotely checking the status of every terminal, such as content download progress, playback status, schedule, etc. When no at site, it is available to login our CMS to make advertising and control by could. Facilitate the unified management of information. That is a big help for many cases or organization. 4.Cost-effectiveness, display media is one of the best value for mass media, its price varies, but its cost per thousand compared with newspapers, magazines, radio and so on is the lowest. In addition, the advertisement machine also has the advantages of strong pertinence, high arrival rate, compulsory viewing, high urban coverage rate, low carbon environmental protection, etc. For this interesting window advertising screen, there are different model for options, single sided digital signage for outdoor viewing, double sided digital signage for indoor and outdoor viewing. On the basis of the high-tech equipment, the LCD advertising display operation, computer technology, video editing, image processing and other interdisciplinary talents, can have the competitive advantage of the future market. Also shop window LCD digital is a new direction for our LCD digital signage business. This is why people love LCD digital signage also digital window displays now. This interesting model will help make more business and make our information sharing get closer.


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