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a brief introduction to touch screen table

With the rapid development of the times, even touch screen table are developing towards intelligence. Everyone knows that with the research of intelligent touch tables, it is no longer just a general desk, it has added intelligent and humanized designs such as touch control. Now many people may want to use smart touch screen desks, so let’s  brief introduce for smart touchscreen desks.
The smart touch table is produced with the development of smart products. It integrates touch film and smart software. It can be operated through the touch system and can realize various functions with the help of Internet technology. Smart interactive touch screen table improves the convenience of work through self-service service, which will be popularized in work and life in the future, making life more fun.
Ultimate design experience: The smart coffee table adopts a customized super toughened glass surface, which is high in transparency and easy to clean. The impact strength is better than ordinary glass.
The panel of the interactive touch screen table is sensitive, safe and convenient to use. You can browse and query all kinds of information by touching the graphic marks on the glass screen with your hands, forming an interaction, and realizing the linkage between human vision and hand touch.
The system is easy to maintain: the touch screen gaming table has Android or PC system optional. Lcd multi touch table is not only a place for placing objects, also a window for browsing information, entertainment, and work. It has many applications. The multi touch screen table can change dazzling effects as items move, fish swim over, and add fun to use; you can also use it as designing, playing games, viewing maps, clicking photos, observing 3D models, surfing the Internet, A platform for ordering food, watching movies, and TV shows, and your hands are the mouse. The multi-touch function can support multiple people for entertainment and work at the same time. It is an active table and a table that can be human-computer interaction.
Touch screen table product features
1. Super cost-effective
One can replace the old-fashioned coffee table, dining table and peripheral auxiliary multimedia entertainment facilities, improve the quality, reduce costs, and cost-effective.
2. Multi-touch, simultaneous operation by multiple people
Unique touch interaction sensing, realizing multi-touch, no ghost points; fully compatible with Android system and Windows multi-touch standards; achieving simultaneous recognition of more than 10 touch points; user finger touch sensing, unlike projection interactive games, only Recognizing the waving of the arm, the dazzling touch gesture control cannot be achieved, and multiple people can operate at the same time without interfering with each other.
3.Flexible configuration
Flexible to provide different design services for personalized users to meet individual needs; the appearance is designed according to customer needs in different styles, sizes, materials, etc., the desktop can choose tempered glass or LCD screen, and the host configuration can also be flexibly matched according to your needs. Create the most cost-effective products.                         
4. Rich industry needs and applications, cross-field operations, and increased sales
Widely used in: family, KTV, bars, restaurants, real estate, wedding photography, communications, banking, tourism, exhibition halls, science and technology museums, museums, etc.
5. The surface is flat
The surface is glass, there is no need to have 2-125px border protrusions like an infrared frame multi-touch screen.
6. Waterproof, scratch-proof, and anti-slap
The surface of the touch screen gaming table: waterproof, scratch-resistant, and impact resistant, which fully meets the performance requirements of the traditional coffee table (infrared frame type cannot be achieved).
7. High sensitivity
High refresh rate: The 60fps touch refresh rate , the first-rate touch experience, and there is no lag.
8. FHD picture
16:9 high-definition picture, unique anti-ambient light interference design, can work under sunlight and spotlights.
The interactive touch screen table uses a multi-touch interactive multimedia platform, without a mouse and keyboard, through human gestures, touch and other external objects and touch coffee table for interactive experience, changing the way of interaction between people and information.
With the proliferation of the technological development of smart touch tables, smart touch tables will be widely used in various fields, not only in classrooms, offices and other places. If you want to know more about the smart touch table, pls kindly contact us.

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