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The core component of the LCD advertising player is the screen!

As the core component of an LCD advertising player, the LCD screen displays large differences in brightness, color, contrast, viewing angle, etc. screens of different brands, so a good advertising machine manufacturer will choose something like Use the screens of big brands like Samsung or LG!
Considering the physical resolution, brightness, color, contrast and the service life of the viewing angle, if the heat dissipation of the whole machine fully meets the normal temperature environment of the LCD screen, the performance indicators of the above points must be achieved. When buying, you must also understand the manufacturer's choice of LCD screen. As a leading brand in the outdoor advertising machine industry, Marwell uses Samsung, LG and other well-known brands in terms of brand selection for LCD screens.
For the outdoor advertising machine project, the after-sales service of the LCD screen cannot be ignored. Once the LCD screen finds a display failure, you must contact the manufacturer to deal with it in time. Do not "hands and feet" the LCD screen privately. When necessary, shut down the whole machine. Power supply, after the abnormality of the LCD screen is found, turn it on again.

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