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  • 360 Photo Booth Brief Introduction

    This is leenifer from HUA ER and I will introduce everybody a new product of our company,and it named 360 photo booth.This product is mainly used to take pictures and video, so our material is made of

  • 3D Holographic Display Brief Introduction

    3D hologram advertising machine is a new product of naked eye 3D, you can see 3D effects without using any device. And we have 180°one side,270°two sides and 360°four sides for your choose

  • LCD Video Wall Display Brief Introdction

    For LCD video wall, why choose us?   High resolution! Resolution up to 4K, delicate picture, saturated color and high-definition display effect.  Adopting 178 ° wide

  • 360 Photobooth Brief Introduction

      360 photobooth was a device with multiple bracket for phone, pad, go pro, DSLR optional using for entertainment, mostly for exhibition, party, live stream and so on, it with 4 different size a

  • Digital Vehicle Taxi Top LCD Display

    Marvel Technology has developed one new out of home LCD display product, which is used for taxi top advertising, with double-sided 3500nits high brightness, even in direct sunlight. Stress-tested to m

  • Outdoor digital signage for different applications

    Marvel technology supply your business with our high-brightness LCD digital displays that work for outdoor applications in the retail, transportation and hospitality industries. Our screens provide yo

  • What should be paid attention to when maintaining LCD advertising digital signage

    In today’s business environment where intelligent interactive display has become a trend, commercial display equipment that is widely used in many fields has become an indispensable part of vari

  • Talking about the waterproof standard of outdoor advertising displays

    Presumably people living in big cities are no longer unfamiliar with outdoor advertising machines. Its coverage includes bus stops, scenic spots, streets, parks, communities, schools, etc., and has be


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