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Sanitizer & Temperature Kiosk

Newly launched marvel technology face recognition kiosk, supports advertising, Temperature Detection and hand sanitizing. With a 21.5 inch LCD panel,and adjustable machine stand,provides you more business options during pandemic.  Temperature module accuracy is ±0.2℃,alarm will be trigger if any suspicious high body temperature people.  We provide 1 liter and 3 liter capacity sanitizer container, and 3 kinds of different nozzles (spray , gel , foam). In the meantime, sanitizer running out notification will be given by our software,our aim is to provide you smarter and easier solution.  Marvel’s team integrated content management software with above mentioned temperature detection function and face recognition function, we are providing one stop face recognition solutions, for now face recognition attendance system is available, this supports companies to manage employees daily attendance.
Non-contact Temperature Check kiosks which automatically read body temperature in seconds, with facial recognition. These kiosks are invaluable to carry out employee temperature checks and identify abnormal temperatures.These kiosks are designed to help prevent virus spread and maintain a healthy environment for your employees, associates, visitors and the general public. These systems are perfect for distribution throughout hospital and healthcare environments whereby there is a need to vet individuals; whether that’s staff or members of the public.monitoring body temperature has never been easier. A simple and effective way to identify potential illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses within a healthcare environment.It can be placed at hospital receptions so upon entrance to a hospital your temperature is recorded. There is also integrate the hand sanitizer module so you can further ensure all staff and visitors maintain hand hygiene levels, further preventing the transmission of potential harmful bacteria and viruses.Giving you peace of mind that when staff and visitors are entering your premises, they are fit to do so and don’t pose a risk to other individuals by potentially spreading harmful viruses and bacteria.With the added benefit of integrating facial recognition software too, you can easily store all staff within a cloud-based system, bringing added security and safety to your business.
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