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  • How to Use LCD Video Wall for Your Business?

    Adopting new technology is deemed to the key competitive advantages of modern companies. Advanced technology will help the company stand out from the competition. This is true especially in moder

  • Marvel Technology digital signage solutions

    Screens are used everywhere nowadays. You can easily spot it in restaurants, public spaces, shopping centers, or even office buildings. Digital signage displays can show you information that helps inc

  • Wall mount lcd display—a brief introduction

    The wall mounted advertising display is a brand-new media concept, which refers to the multimedia that publishes business, financial and entertainment information through large-screen terminal display

  • MWE901-Digital Photo Frame lcd wall mount -New Arrivel Hot Sale Digital Art Machine

    Marvel new model hot selling lcd products-Art frame wall mounted advertising lcd display,Widely popular because of its age and modernity, currently hot sale in North or Americas, Europe and the Middle

  • Floor Standing Self Ordering LCD Kiosk

    In the past few years, self-ordering kiosks have become a staple at fast food and fast casual chains around the world, for example you can do the self-ordering in each McDonald / KFC by a floor s

  • Stand Alone Digital Signage

    Except play advertising online, Do you ever want to promoting your brand in public places ,Like shopping mall,library,school or even metro station,hospital etc,Well,a stand alone Digital signage

  • MWE801 indoor wall mount lcd with many features

    MWE801 indoor wall mount lcd with many features:Easy operation: Just Plug and Play,also network optional;Intelligent split screen, multi windows showing advertisement;Good stability Easy installa

  • Digital poster display application

    With the development of technology and advertising, more and more advertisement forms appered in the market, during the past times, we see the advertisment from newspapers, TV and street paper posters

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