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Digital Signage for Manufacturing

Marvel digital display lets corporations deliver unified messages to all sectors of their business from one easy-to-use application. This gives they more ways to engage their workforce, build community and increase efficiencies.

Keeping corporation employees informed of progress toward goals is an important part of daily operations and encouraging its team. With Marvel lcd digital displays, they can show current news and metrics to keep their employees updated and motivated.

Recognizing individual and team achievements is one of the most powerful motivators their have, Marvel digital signage can:

  • Display productivity goals
  • Monitor inventory and resources
  • Recognize individual and team accomplishments
  • Show health and safety announcements

Digital signage lets their show the right thing, on the right screen, at the right time. Because they can choose what' s shown where, they can share office announcements with manufacturing personnel and production data with office workers – unifying their front and back office operations.


Marvel different digital signage:

Stand alone digital signage

Wall mounted lcd display

multimedia kiosk 

video wall

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