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  • Retail Shop Window LCD Display

    Marvel Tech,fortunately.offer such kind of digital signage window display,the most in common size start from 49 inch to 75 inch in single side,brightness from 2500 nits to 5000 nits Max,even you have ..

  • Outdoor lcd digital signage products use in train station and bus station

    Marvel was a professional manufacturer of the outdoor lcd digital signage products since 2008, we have both hardware and software engineer team offer one stop solution for the business, Marvel developed a OMC maintenance system, in build over 10 kinds of the sensor to gathering all the working data for this system, belowing photo was a brief introduction of this system

  • MARVEL outdoor digital signage solution makes your DOOH business easier

    MARVEL outdoor digital signage display is equipped with completed cloud maintenance system, multi-touch, human body sensor, WIFI, security camera, and other all features you want.

  • What is stretched lcd display?

    With the advancement and development of science and technology, it promotes the development of the LCD display industry; and the stretched lcd display is a new product under the development of science..

  • Indoor Art Digital Photo Frame LCD Display

    Marvel Technology is a reputable manufacturer specialized in indoor & outdoor LCD digital signage since 2008. Marvel Tech developed own special digital photo frame display for indoor advertising use.

  • Investing in digital signage for retail

    Currently, digital camera signs in retail stores are so popular that companies have the same needs. Because you are browsing around, you will find various functions with your own provider on the Internet. In addition to major Internet sites, digital camera development providers that can rely on marketing, including signage types, store signs, digital camera manufacturing, industrial products, and ..

  • 8inch IPS HD Display Kiosk

    It support 22400 face comparison and 100000 face recognition records.

  • digital window displays

    How to Ensure High Visibility For Your Window-Facing Digital Signage

    Marvel technology's digital window displays allow you to easily attract public attention day and night, making them the perfect displays for outdoor visibility. The screens are clearly visible even in direct sunlight.


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