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  • Multi-people recognition body temperature application

    Recently from the news we heard about the US starting the vaccine for prevent more healthy from corona virus, this news give us more faith to defeat the COVID, but the world have population around 60 billion people, if need finish all the process, it might take few years, so before this totally get under control, we still need take care about it and use some technical method to protect ourselves, ..

  • 8inch Face Recognition Kiosk

    It is very easy to be infected. In order to decrease infection rate, entrance guard management becomes so important and necessary. So in order to supply the better product to defeat the Covid 19, Marvel R&D team developed 2 models product for it. Face recognition kiosk with temperature kiosk and Hand sanitizer kiosk.

  • What is A Stretched LCD display ?

    Stretched LCD display ,To some extend,it's a kind of new technology that used in many different places ,for instance ,on the bus /supermarket/metro station etc

  • Outdoor digital signage projects in Portugal

    Marvel was a professional manufacturer who focus on outdoor lcd digital signage products over 12 years, we have the R&D team who design the drawing, and research the monitoring software for the outdoo..

  • Brief introduction of Stretched LCD Display

    Marvel's are a digital signage manufacturers specialist in stretched lcd display and have solutions in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios. High brightness sunlight readable options are available.

  • Taxi Top Lcd Display

    Fascinating Taxi Top Lcd Display Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

    So today we will introduce to you a very novel LCD digital signage, it is the taxi top LCD digital signage. This advertising player has a unique dual-screen design, adopts all-aluminum material as the outer frame of the device, and a lightweight digital signage.

  • outdoor lcd digital signage

    Marvel outdoor lcd digital signage is widely used in outdoor public areas

    Nowadays, our outdoor lcd digital signage is widely used in outdoor public areas, which not only have the advantage of LED screen, but also solved its pixel issue.

  • Marvel Hand Sanitizer Display 

    Marvel Hand Sanitizer Display 

    For this hard situation, Marvel have one product design is very useful, wall mounted & floor stand hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk.


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