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  • Hospitality LCD Digital Display

    Marvel digital signage allow hospitilities to inform guests about your facilities and other related matters; advertise their deals and discounted packages; provide way- finding information;&

  • Hospital LCD Digital Display

    Digital signage can be utilized in waiting rooms to reduce the perception of wait time and to deliver important health information and trending news. When patients first come to a hospital, they easil

  • In-store Digital Signage

    Regardless of whether you' re running a clothing shop, a quick-service restaurant or another kind of organization – your business is persuading someone to do something, and to do it now. Dig

  • Pharmacy LCD Digital Signage

    Digital Signage in Pharmacies:Marvel Wall Mounted Digital Display and Video Wall can?inform emergency informations to staff and customers; reduce perceived queue times; communicate important medi

  • Religious and Memorial Digital Signage

    Churches, cemeteries, memorials, and other places of reflection can be good venues for informative digital signage. Interactive kiosks can be used in churches to provide things like service schedules,

  • Digital Signage applied to Auto Dealerships

     Nowadays, Auto Dealerships need alluring digital visual props to help usher in the sale of their vehicles. From the showroom to the wait room there are many uses for multimedia kiosk, stand alon

  • Interactive Digital Signage Government Application

    Digital signage can serve as an invaluable tool for government facilities of all types, ranging from offices to government-operated public parks & venues. Adopting this technology allows agency di

  • video wall mounting solutions

    Video walls from Marvel are designed to be flexible in terms of the content that you can display on them. With a modular video wall from Marvel you can show different video sources on different p

  • Interactive Digital Signage Gym Application

    Digital signage can automate and streamline all information in an organized fashion so it easy for customers to search information on the sport or athlete. Marvel digital signage can also provide vita

  • Touch Game Table for Entertainment

    The entertainment and gaming industry is all about fun and excitement. Each time a patron approaches a machine or a table, there is the anticipation of the big win.Marvel provides touch screen game ta

  • Retail LCD Digital Signage

    LCD digital signage has a great impact on the shopping experience,?enabling customers to make more informed decisions and helping retailers to make their stores more attractive and improve their

  • Digital Display for Corporate Communication

    Organisations are incraesingly using digital signage to promote themselves and display eye-catching company presentations on screens in reception areas, meeting rooms, dining areas or hallwa

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